What do you do with boiled eggs?

There are so many things that go along with eggs more than mayonnaise, my friend

After visiting my parents in Wisconsin on the weekend, I’m usually sent home with a couple grocery bags full of corn, cheese, sausage, strawberries, and last but not least, several cartons of large brown “farm fresh” eggs. I don’t eat many eggs in the first place, which means I usually let boil a few dozen in order to extend their life, hoping that In the end Eat them and don’t waste much food.

However, a man can only eat three sandwiches of soft egg salad before he loses control of reality. But you can do more with boiled eggs than you can mix them with a handful of mayonnaise, right?

To find out, I asked the culinary experts to save me all the hard-boiled eggs in the fridge.

Breakfast burritos with boiled eggs

“Yes, there is a lot of love for egg salad, right?” says Ben Ryle, Denver-based chef and food cart operator. Besides eating them straight or making scrambled eggs — a cousin of egg salad sandwiches — Ryle offers “adding slices or shredded boiled eggs to breakfast burritos, breakfast sandwiches, or avocado toast.”

You can “use it for breakfast or delicious oatmeal, too,” he says. Eggs are already a breakfast staple, so hard-boiled eggs are easy to incorporate into any delicious breakfast recipe.

Boiled egg soup and salad toppers

Along the same lines, boiled eggs are perfect additions to any soup or salad for extra protein. “Slice hard-boiled eggs into thin strips or use a hard-boiled egg slicer when adding them to any salad,” explains Jessica Randhawa, chef at The Forked Spoon. “It goes great with soups, especially ramen – the kimchi ramen noodle soup is one of my favorite soup recipes that requires a hard-boiled egg and takes only 30 minutes to make.”

Courtesy Boiled Egg Curry

If ramen isn’t your thing, Farwin Simaak, recipe creator for Love & Other Spices, suggests adding a hard-boiled egg to your favorite butter chicken or tikka masala sauce. Whether the eggs are a replacement or complement to another protein in the dish, “all you have to do is cut them in half and add them to the sauce, simmer and cover for two to three minutes,” he says. “Then serve it with nan for a quick and easy dinner!”

Poached eggs for Persian potato salad

Chef Lina Jabbari recommends one of her favorite Persian egg recipes. “There is a common street food that originates in Tabriz and it is called Yeralma Yumurta,” she explains. “It’s a very comforting dish – just hot mashed potatoes, mashed boiled eggs, butter, mint, salt and pepper. It’s great for summer picnics and barbecues.”

Mediterranean Orzo Egg Salad

“My favorite salad to incorporate eggs into is this Mediterranean-style orzo salad,” says Aysegul Sanford, recipe creator and owner of Foolproof Living. “It’s full of fresh flavor with a comforting carb base. Bring it to a barbecue or make it as a side dish for lunch. It uses a lot of eggs and will be eaten up in no time.”

boiled eggs

Finally, if you can’t stand the thought of eating hard-boiled eggs no matter how you pickle, chop, shred or mash them, try crushing them. “This is going to sound crazy, but hard-boiled eggs work well in smoothies—eggs in particular, but you can use the whole egg,” Ryle says. “As long as you have a good balance of sweet fruit and liquid, you probably won’t notice the flavor. But it mixes well and acts as a thickener too.”

Along those lines, Rayl offers “whisk up hard-boiled eggs to use as a base for a pasta sauce—think eggs, broth, white wine, garlic, and herbs.” The eggs, he says, “thicken and provide the sauce with fat, which helps coat the pasta and vegetables you toss in it.”

Here’s the thing: You have absolutely no excuses to choke on another soft egg salad sandwich.

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