What do you order in every restaurant?

Just a few blocks from historic downtown Glendale, vintage cars passed as kids chased Chihuahuas down the street. The ladies carried bags of clothes into the Coin Less laundry. Between liquor stores and barbershops in Latino, there is a mall teeming with restaurants serving An amazing assortment of regional cuisine that rivals those found in the open-air markets in Mexico.

To experience the sheer diversity of the Valley’s Mexican food scene, I spent several days making my way through the stretch of Glendale Avenue, from 64th to 66th Avenue, filled with more than two dozen convenience stores. I enjoyed fresh pork from a rotating trombo, dug my chips into a lemony bowl of shrimp aguachile, and watched steam rise from a bowl of periya goat meat and shredded into a batch of homemade corn tortillas fresh from the basket.

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