What does Juneteenth ice cream taste like?

Juneteenth, the national holiday recently minted to commemorate the emancipation of African Americans from slavery, is a day of reflection and celebration.

With spring to summer in 2021, Congress unanimously passed a bill declaring June 19 a federal holiday. President Biden signed the National Independence Day Act on June 17, just in time for the United States’ celebration.

On June 19th, Americans will have plenty of time to prepare for the official festivities. Like other major holidays, this is expected to accompany corporate business activity. Kras, yes, but with a veneer of pride and patriotism.

Unless it’s Walmart, apparently.

The Arkansas-based retail giant recently brought out a batch of Juneteenth items that went viral for all the wrong reasons. The company released a set of party plates, napkins, and beer cones bearing the slogan “It’s Freedom for Me.” The tongue does not erupt completely, but it looks harmless enough. No harm, no offense, right?

But Walmart didn’t stop there. She also introduced the “Juneteenth” memorial ice cream, which invites us all to “share and celebrate African American culture, liberation, and enduring hope.”

You ask, what does an ice cream that celebrates African American culture, liberation, and lasting hope taste like?

According to the flavor scientists at Walmart, it tastes like…red velvet cake with a cheesecake swirl.

This creative juxtaposition inspired Aaron Thorpe, a celebrity co-host Trillbilly worker podcastto take to Twitter Monday morning to disguised control: “Capitalism is wonderful.”

A little later in the day, Daily Show Reporter Roy Wood Jr. was quoted to Moss as, “Would you like some Juneteenth ice cream on the Juneteenth platter as you sip beer at the Juneteenth Koozie?”

If you correctly predicted that such feedback would inspire others to interact with it, consider yourself a winner.

Just don’t expect to get a pint of Juneteenth ice cream as a prize.

Walmart immediately issued a statement: “The Juneteenth holiday is a celebration of freedom and independence. However, we have received feedback that certain items have caused concern to some of our customers and we sincerely apologize. We are reviewing our assortment and will remove items as appropriate.”

Tuesday evening, the new era I have to wonder what Walmart means by “as applicable.” Plus, being so curious about all things food, we really wanted to know what tasteless ice cream tastes like.

So, we headed to the North Miami Beach store and shopped around.

No luck. Nary a Juneteeth can be found as pint, plate, or koozie.

North in the freezer section of the Hallandale Beach store, we arrive at the paydirt: stacks of Juneteenth containers — bundled together with a batch of a special-edition Pride ice cream, no less. (White chocolate ice cream with brownies and cherries. Make whatever combo you like.)

We grabbed a pint of each. (Although no party supplies. Those weren’t in sight anywhere.)

When we checked our pints when self-propelled, the computer screen flashed “restricted” on Juneteenth. Soon a manager arrived, took one look at our ice cream, and said, “Oh, wait. I think she was called.”

She confirmed this with a dose of her portable barcode reader.

“But I think you want your ice cream,” she said, as we were giving in to failure. So go ahead and scan your Pride ice cream twice.

“By the way, it’s delicious,” she added, pointing to a pint of red velvet and cheesecake before she excused herself to attend to other pressing retail matters.

Screenshot via walmart.com

Unlike the blonde modeling of the shirt above—which was still eventually offered for the $9.99 “liquidation” price on walmart.com—the store manager was black.

And she was right, too: the ice cream, in its trough in a festive swirl of red and yellow, tastes sweet and creamy. It would have been a delightful addition to any Juneteenth gathering, had it been simply packaged as ice cream.

Click to enlarge Juneteenth Ice Cream Swirl.  - Picture of Line Doses

Juneteenth Ice Cream Swirl.

Photo by Lynn Doss

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