What does oil and gas price volatility mean for the world – foreign policy

Plus a look at the economics of stadiums.

Adam Toze and Cameron Abadi look at the drop in crude oil prices and predict what it could mean for the global economy. They take a broader look at energy consumption and what can be done to reduce it in times of crisis. In Part Two, the two take a deep look at playgrounds and recreational spaces, and the history of how they were valued.

About Ones and Tooze:
Foreign Policy Economics columnist Adam Toze, a professor of history and famous author, is an encyclopedic about basically everything: from the COVID lockdown, to climate change, to pasta sauce. In our new podcast, Tooze and FP Deputy Editor Cameron Abadi will look at two data points each week that explain the world: one taken from the week’s headlines and one from wherever else Tooze takes us. Check out Adam Toze’s column here.
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The Distinguished Woman’s Hidden Economy (HERO)

Foreign Policy series about women making change through economic empowerment, hosted by Rina Ninan. This season, you’ll hear from people reforming South African marriage laws and property rights in Kenya – and how victories in both places can unleash a woman’s financial potential. Also, what microfinance strategies work best, and why better lending practices can be huge for small and medium-sized enterprises – which account for 90% of businesses globally. HER♀ is a foreign policy production made possible with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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I’m spying

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