What is the difference between these sweets?

Fall means the apples eventually ripen and makes way for a warm, toasty apple dessert. But what is the difference between apple desserts like apple crisp, crumbled apple, apple cobbler etc.?

Saturday, October 5th is National Apple Betty Day, which makes it a good time to grab a little Apple Dessert 101.

Apple Betty or Apple Brown Betty Its history goes back to the colonial days. However, according to the American Food and Drink Encyclopedia, it was first mentioned in print in 1864.

Brown Petit can be made from pears or berries, but is often made with apples. Unlike other apple desserts, sweetened crumbs are layered between the fruit and served with lemon vinaigrette or whipped cream, giving the dessert more of a pudding than a pie filling. That’s why Apple Brown Betty can also be called candy apple. It was a favorite dessert during Ronald Reagan’s tenure in the White House.

Apple cobbler A dessert where baked apples are covered with a crust made of cookie dough. Apple cobblers come in a variety of styles, including the following:

apple dip It’s an apple cobbler that turns upside down after coming out of the oven, so the fruit that was cooked to the bottom of the pan is now on top of the crackers and “hangs” in the dish.

Apple Grant It is an apple cobbler cooked on the stove.

Apple Bandodi An old recipe first printed in an 1886 cookbook is a cobbler that uses a broken pie crust in place of cookie dough.

Apple Crisp is a relatively new apple dessert that was first mentioned in a 1924 cookbook. According to Canadian Living, “A crisp is a baked fruit dessert covered with a crunchy, crunchy layer of ingredients. The first layer may include a bit of sugar, butter, oats, nuts, flour, and spices such as cinnamon, Tossed together for a somewhat grainy look. Bake the dessert until the topping is crunchy and golden.”

apple crumble It is synonymous with Apple Crisp in the UK and Australia, but in Canada and the US, it’s a slightly different dish. Like apple crisp, apple crumbs are a baked fruit dessert with a layer of toppings. But unlike brittle, the toppings rarely contain oats or nuts. Instead, the crumb topping is similar to streusel made with flour, sugar, and butter. According to Canadian Living, “Toppings are generally more lumpy than brittle toppings, but not as lumpy as cobbler’s.”

The truth is that most of these apple desserts are very close to each other in taste, texture and appearance. Whichever you choose, just start picking and baking.

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