What were rescue helicopters doing in New York

If you’ve been near some of the Hudson Valley’s waterways for the past few days and have seen some police activity, there’s a good chance you’ve been watching some of the drills that have been going on for the past eight hours.

According to a Facebook post from the Dutchess County Office of Emergency Management, several agencies participated in a two-day training with the US Coast Guard. The video below depicts a rescue swimmer jumping into the water. You can see that it takes a lot of skill for both the swimmer and the helicopter pilot and that’s why they do these exercises.

Water rescue training on the Hudson River

Sheriff Kirk Empire shared today that the Duchess County Police Office’s Maritime Patrol Unit and Drone Unit participated in this exercise, which completed yesterday, Wednesday, June 23. .

The training day consists of a variety of topics. The first day included both classroom and on-site instruction for things like search and rescue patterns and maritime law enforcement like drunken boating. On the second day everyone was on the water for various instructions including helicopter training.

Participants included Ulster County Sheriff’s OfficeAnd the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, New YorkAnd the Rockland County Sheriff’s OfficeAnd the Westchester County Police DepartmentAnd the New York State PoliceAnd the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation police and US Coast Guard station Cape Cod. (via Facebook Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office)

The Dutch County Sheriff’s Department also honored the Rogers Point Boat Club for their support during this important training that undoubtedly helps all of us who enjoy using the river. The effort put into this type of training is why we feel safe on the water.

Can you name all of these places?

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