Where is the best ice cream in Hillsdale County?

Summer is a great time to explore the local ice cream parlors in Hillsdale County. Here are a few favorites to try the next time you crave ice cream.

udder side

Kelly Cole said The Udder Side, located in Jonesville, is her favorite because it has her favorite ice cream flavor.

“I’m not an ice cream person, but my whole family knows I’m crazy about coconut,” she said.

Coconutty is one of the many flavors of ice cream that you can try. Don’t forget the different ice cream creations you can also choose from, from regular ice cream sundaes to “Road Kill” or “Mud Pie”

“Best ice cream anywhere!” Cole said.

Scoops (in Litchfield)

Scoops is located in Litchfield and features a variety of ice cream and other desserts. Home of the Terrier Treats offers weekly Sunday specials and a variety of ice creams to choose from.

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