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Three warning A fire hit a two-story office building in Garden Grove in April. Discussions are underway over the fate of the Garden Grove Public Safety Building (OCFA photo).

Building materials are a lot in the news for cities in the West Orange County area.

In Garden Grove, the city has a participating Civic Center project in progress, the centerpiece of which is the construction of a new building for the police headquarters. Such a structure would likely involve the demolition of the existing GGPD headquarters and the construction of a new multi-storey facility nearby.

But it should be noted that the “cop shop” is only one part of the public safety building at Acacia Parkway. The other half is the Orange County Fire Department – originally Garden Grove Fire Department 1 – facility and offices.

What happens to that process? Does he move to a new place or does he move on his back with the police? We were told that discussions were going on about the future of the fire facility and that nothing had really been decided.

But… the construction of a new firehouse may make more land available at the Civic Center for other uses, including additional parks. stay tuned

Argoland attraction

As reported in The Tribune recently, the Garden Grove Unified School District Board of Education voted to approve a new “modular” two-story building on campus. Garden Grove High School. It will replace a group of “portable classrooms” in the northeastern corner of the campus.

One of the reasons given at the school board meeting for the new building was to not only accommodate enrollment growth, but also “hundreds” of students on the roster applying to move to the GGHS attendance area.

We know that all GGUSD high schools are great, but it’s good to know when there’s demand.

Drink and be (straw) berries

steel craft An urban restaurant on Euclid Street in Garden Grove (Photos of October).

Do you have a strong thirst? Head to SteelCraft’s urban outdoor restaurant in Garden Grove. Two other businesses will soon be able to serve alcoholic beverages.

According to the Zoning official, the new additions are Off-Duty, which will serve meals, handcrafted wines and wine cocktails for on-site consumption, agreeing to a conditional use permit with the new liquor license in La Taqueria.

Along with Beachwood Brewing, there will be three venues in SteelCraft to celebrate that “five o’clock is somewhere.”

The phrase “usually reliable sources” alternates with Jim Tortolano’s “Retorts” column.

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