Where to find donuts out of the box in Northern Virginia

Whether it’s breakfast or dessert, anyone with a sweet tooth will surely agree that cake is an irresistible choice. This American staple will always be a crowd pleaser, and the NoVA sites will show you exactly why.

Photo courtesy Astro Donuts

Astro Donuts

When you’re looking for a delicious donut, there’s no better place to start than at one of our favorite regional restaurants. Astro Donuts was founded by childhood friends Elliot Spaisman and Jeff Halpern, who grew up playing hockey and always enjoyed their post-game cake together. As adults, their childhood hobby was preserved when they decided to open a local donut shop, where they could serve their favorite comfort food. Astro Donuts has become a local treasure, offering donut combos like PB&J and Mango Passion Fruit. Don’t miss these gorgeous Crème Brûlée cakes. 7511 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church

A variety of good company donut
Photo courtesy of The Good Company Donuts & Cafe

Good Company Donuts & Cafe

As a local, veteran, and family-owned coffee shop, the name clearly speaks volumes for the truth. At Good Company Donuts & Café, you’ll be able to order any donut you can think of, plus more. There are seasonal cakes, such as caramel apples, unusual cakes, such as jelly sticks, and classic cakes, such as chocolate cake. And if you want something else to go with a donut, the wide selection of sandwiches and breakfast bowls will really do the trick. 672 N. Glebe Rd. , St. 1, Arlington

Fruity grits donut
Photo courtesy Donacho


Mochi is a Japanese delicacy of rice seasoned with flour, wrapped around a filling of ice cream. While mochi ice cream has become a beloved dessert in the United States, the mochi donut has its own moment, combining the uniqueness of mochi with the comforting qualities of traditional donuts. At Donutchew, you can try the sweet (and addictive) mochi donut for yourself. From Ube to Tropical Guava and Fruity Pebbles to Choco Pebble, along with their unusual pon de ring shape, Donutchew donuts are the place to go for any mochi or donut fan. Multiple locations

Donut stuffed with jelly
Photo courtesy of Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe

Heidelberg Pastry Shop

This friendly German pastry shop has been serving original baked goods since 1975, becoming the go-to spot for all your pastries, deli and of course, authentic German cakes. They serve traditional Berlin buns stuffed with either raspberry or apricot jam, along with a wide selection of raised and crusty buns. So whether your interest in trying German pastries or a desire for mud cakes is what brings you, you won’t regret coming to Heidelberg. 2150 N. Culpeper St. , Arlington

Texas Donuts

In the mood to have a prominence? Or maybe you want something unusual by trying a maple donut? Well, luckily for Northern Virginia, Texas Donuts are here to save the day. Since its inception 20 years ago, Texas Donuts has always focused on loyalty to its customers, with freshly baked bread every morning on site and using American brand ingredients. And with so many donut options and multiple locations in the area, there’s no better place to end your donut tasting journey. 13830 Lee Hui. , St. 4, Centerville; 8130 Ashton Ave., St. 106, Manassas; 8224 Gunston Corner Ln., Lorton

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