Where to get your breakfast in DC (there’s even a vegetarian option)

For a Brit like me, there is no better way to start a weekend than with a good full English breakfast. Say what you will about British food, but a good breakfast is definitely our thing. So without further ado, here is a list of places where you can get a frying pan in Beijing.

Arrow Factory

Besides making my favorite fish and chips in town, Arrow Factory also gets my vote for the best breakfast because they use English style sausage and bacon. Simply called The Full English (80 CNY), it consists of two pork sausages, two slices of bacon, baked beans, mushrooms, french fries, grilled tomatoes, buttered toast, and two eggs any way you choose.

Now, this is a great brunch for meat lovers, but Arrow Factory recently introduced a brand new brunch that is sure to become a favorite of any vegetarian. The Vegetarian English (RMB 75) has two sausages, baked beans, mushrooms, stir-fries, roasted tomatoes, and croutons with guacamole and scrambled tofu.

Note: Arrow Factory brunch is available on Saturdays and Sundays only

Arrow Factory
Waijiao Apartment, 1 Xindong Lu, Chaoyang District,
朝阳 区 新 东路 1 号 外交 公寓 亮马河 南岸

jing a

At CBD Jing-A, they have a special brunch menu available only at this location, which makes it big with their full American CBD breakfast (RMB 120) – not English, but still important – consisting of pork sausage, homemade bacon, Roasted cherry tomatoes, mashed new potatoes, toast with a mound of pies, maple syrup and eggs cooked your way.

But don’t worry if you can’t make it to CBD Jing-A, as all of their other locations have a breakfast plate (110 CNY) on display (not available at the new Wukesong branch until July 23). This sees homemade bacon, pork sausage, mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, hash browns, toast and two eggs cooked your way plus your choice of mashed avocado or sausage gravy all making for the perfect way to start your day.

Jing-A CBD
Kerry Center, 1 Guanghua Luo, Chaoyang District
朝阳 区 光华 路 嘉里中心 一号

Peach from Hulu

Sticking to true English breakfast-making style, Peach by Hulu’s The Brit-kkie (58 CNY) sees all the breakfast staples: bacon, mushrooms, eggs (scrambled or sunny-side up), tomatoes, baked beans, and pork sausage with some spinach toppings for an extra kick. slight touch.

Peach from Hulu
No. 8 Laiguangying East Road, Chaoyang . District
朝阳 区 来广营 东路 8 号 一楼

Toast at the Orchid

It should come as no surprise that one of Beijing’s hottest brunch spots, Toast at The Orchid has stir-fry (of sorts) on their menu. Serving you a slightly less traditional, but still delicious breakfast, Toast at The Orchid has The Full Chinglish (CNY98). Here Toast’s pork sausage is served with hash browns, boiled eggs and greens alongside a slice of challah bread.

Toast at the Orchid
65 Baochao Hutong, Dongcheng District
东城 区 宝 钞 胡同 65


Having introduced their brunch menu just a few months ago, Beersmith is the only frying pan on this list that contains a traditional ingredient for English breakfast: the controversial black pudding. Along with black pudding, breakfast + drinks at Beersmith Pub (98 CNY) includes eggs, Cumberland sausage, bacon, arugula salad, roasted tomatoes, and baked beans. You can then also choose handcrafted coffee, tea or beer to wash everything down with.

1/F, Jin Beijing Hotel, No. 1 Jiangumenwai Avenue, Chaoyang District
朝阳 区 建国门外 大街 1 号 新 国贸 饭店 1

plan B

Plan B’s skillet almost gives off a slight Shakshuka vibe with its Western Breakfast Skillet (RMB 80) that combines roasted potatoes, peppers, and onions and is then topped with bacon, chorizo ​​sausage, cheddar cheese, and two eggs. Now, you have to admit that adding cheese to the frying sounds like a great idea.

plan B
2-012, 22 International Art Plaza, 32 Baiziwan Lu (east of Today Art Museum and behind 7/11 inside Pingod Community), Chaoyang District
朝阳 区 百子湾 路 32 号 苹果 社区 22 院 街 艺术 区 2-012 (今日 美术馆 东侧)

American Lily Restaurant

Lily’s American Diner keeps things super simple with their jumbo breakfast (RMB 95) consisting of two eggs, two slices of bacon, one slice of country ham, two sausages, toast plus hash browns. Although bacon and sausage isn’t what you’d classify as “proper” British sausage and bacon, this big breakfast is a surefire way to start your weekend, especially if you’re sick of a hangover.

American Lily Restaurant
Sanlitun website: Unit 2-18, Building 2, Tianzhi Jiaozi, 31 Guangqu Lu (Northeast Corner of Shuangjing Qiao), Chaoyang County
朝阳 区 双井 桥东北角 广渠路 31 号 院 天之骄子 2 底商 2-18
Shuangjing website: 1-037, Building 5, Shoukai Bojun, 8 Xindong Lu, Chaoyang District
朝阳 区 新 东路 8 号 院 手 小区 底商 5 号楼 1-037 号

Wigley Gigli

If you’re looking for the most bang for your buck, Wigley Gigli has you covered with the cheapest stir-fry on our list, their English breakfast is just CNY 48. Here you have your usual breakfast fare of fried eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, baked beans and mushrooms with some nicely fried potato chips.

Wigley Gigli
6-8 Dongzhimen Neidajie, Dongcheng County
东城 区 东直门 内 大街 6-8

Breakfast Champion (home made)

Finally, we have breakfast which is the perfect choice if you want to make your own fry at home. They have a full range of sausages available, including classic Cumberland sausages (146/3 x 360g pack), both white and black pudding (both RMB 146/2 x 500g for black pudding, 4 x 250g for milk white) and tons of Bacon, including Bacon Mix and Match (variety pack 156/5 x 200g RMB) where you can choose five different types of bacon to try. To order, simply scan the QR code on the poster below.

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Photos: Courtesy Places, Dianping, Katie Cui

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