Wine by the glass, sandwiches and salads available at the recently opened deli at Martin Wine Cellar

for years, Martin Wine Cellar locations in New Orleans and Metairie are known not only for their interesting wines, but also as great locations to enjoy dining. Fresh gourmet dishes, sides, and salads served with swirled wine by the glass are mainstays of a menu that first took root on the store’s New Orleans location in 1977. Martin originally opened in Crescent City in 1946.

And while this respected wine shop has had a presence in Baton Rouge since 2006, local fans weren’t aware of trying the delicacy until a few months ago. It finally happened after Martin shifted operations from his old site in Perkins Palm to new pits on Moss Side Lane.

“We built this building on Moss Side Lane specifically so we could open up a deli,” says General Manager Melissa Palfrey. “We have a dining and dining area on the patio.”

Martin Wine Cellar’s Moss Side Lane location features diners with indoor and outdoor seating.

While Moss Side Lane has been open since late 2021, the deli quietly opened in April. Word has since traveled to a growing number of diners, including locals familiar with Martin’s delis, as well as new converts.

“Things were going really well,” Palfrey says. “Recently, he’s been very busy.”

The famous Reuben includes roast beef, melted Swiss, sauerkraut and Russian sauce on rye. Choose fried or sweet potato fries.

As in New Orleans, customers order at the counter and often shop for wine and gourmet items while waiting. Palfrey says the best sandwich sellers at Baton Rouge include California, made with roast turkey, Havarti, avocado, spinach, cucumber, tomato, Creole mustard and mayonnaise on wheat or 7-grain bread; cuban martin, with sliced ​​ham, ham, swiss, pickles, and yellow mustard on an onion roll; Reuben, served hot with roast beef, melted Swiss, sauerkraut and rye Russian sauce; And the Deli Deluxe, another hot sandwich on an onion roll made with pastrami, beef, Swiss sauce, Russian and Creole mustard. The menu features several other sandwiches, as well as a cheeseburger dressed in one of eight different types of cheese.

Order at the counter and enjoy lunch indoors or on the patio at Martin Wine Cellar’s Moss Side Lane location.

The authorities are also famous. Sina serves grilled chicken strips on greens with golden raisins, blue cheese, pecans and Tabasco pepper jelly. Another best-selling product is the Asian salad, which combines grilled chicken, romaine, purple cabbage, red onions, cucumbers, almonds, shredded carrots, and oranges. Fried with sesame citrus vinegar and sesame seeds. And like savory foods, the case also includes chicken, tuna, and egg salad.

California served with Sauvignon Blanc Cup.

On the side, diners can order fresh fries, fries, or homemade tortilla chips. The deli also offers soup of the day and slices of different layers of cake from Metairie Bakery, Maurice French Pastry.

It’s no surprise that one of the biggest draws at the new deli is the chance to enjoy a delightful wine by the glass with your meal. The wines change monthly and include a lot of different varieties and price points. Palfrey says diners also have the option to purchase a bottle and drink it on site while dining.

Pick up a bottle of wine to take home or to drink with your meal.

Besides the Moss Side Lane location, Martin also owns a retail wine store in Baton Rouge in Studio Park at 1670 Lobdell. The Daily is only available on the Moss Side website. For more information, visit

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