Winters PD Cadet is looking for new recruits

The Winters Police Department is hosting an open meeting on Sunday, July 24 for anyone between the ages of 15 and 20 interested in joining the intern program. Joining the ranks is not just a step towards a career in law enforcement, but an opportunity to develop some life skills while serving the community.

Basically, cadets are volunteers who learn the ins and outs of law enforcement. Whether in the field or the office, the program is a dynamic, hands-on approach to honing the aspirations of these young people to join law enforcement someday.

“We teach kids some basic skills when it comes to what officers are doing in the field or what people are doing in the office. It’s also an mentoring program meaning, if they need help with job applications, or an interview,” said Officer Thomas Letterman, one of the program’s organizers. somewhere, or if they are interested in something in school and don’t know how to do it We try to help them in these ways as well. All this just to help them gain a skill set they didn’t know they had.”

From riding tours and facilitating community events to guest speakers and demonstrations, cadets immerse themselves in various aspects of law enforcement. In the past, the program has welcomed guests from CDCR (California Department of Correction and Rehabilitation) and K-9 units as well as search and rescue.

“We are all here in law enforcement on this job to help people. That is our ultimate goal. Our students are locally grown and brought up here, so being able to become a part of this program and give back to their community is a huge plus,” Letterman said. “Collectives help us with all kinds of things. They help us connect with society in a way that I might not be able to because I wasn’t raised here or I have those deep roots like them.”

Unfortunately, the cadet program has had some difficulties getting young people to take part in the program over the past two epidemic-ridden years, while others are well past their age. Regardless, the program currently has five personnel, with each student playing an important role in the police station.

“There are mandatory meetings we’ve set for six months, but for the rest of the eight hours, students agree to serve each month, calling or texting if they can take a tour or help in the office,” said Andrea Gonzalez, Community Services Officer, co-organizer, of Commitment to students time, we are always happy to get help on this topic.” We are now able to go to more events because restrictions are lifting. We were on Youth Day, help us with the fireworks display on July 3rd and we will also be at the Carnitas Festival.”

The open meeting is held on July 24 from 2-4 p.m. at Winters Police Station. Young people between the ages of 15-20 are eligible, and can respond to the invitation to attend by sending an email to [email protected]

Becoming a military cadet has been a first-class Capstone project also over the years.

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