Worcester Foodbank: I’ve lived on an emergency parcel from a food bank for three days

I tried to live on a food parcel for three days and found it very difficult.

I bought all the food myself based on the shopping list given to me by Worcester Foodbank.

Volunteers included what would normally be in the three-day emergency food parcel and I visited my local supermarket choosing special brand versions of the food.

Trussell Trust has seen an increase in food parcel distribution over the past five years.

Over 2.1 million food parcels were donated by the Trussell Trust across the UK between March 2021 and March 2022.

Worcester Foodbank aims to provide food parcels to the city’s most vulnerable people and has seen an increase in the number of people turning to it during the cost of living crisis.

There has been a rise in the number of people with full-time jobs turning to food banks as energy prices continue to rise.

Volunteers at Worcester Foodbank said they are seeing an increase in the number of people in jobs that need their services.

Ruth Allsopp, operations coordinator at Lowesmoor’s food bank, said she’s seen an increase in the workforce that needs her services.

We tried to measure first-hand experience of what is happening to thousands of people in the UK by living on a three-day food parcel.

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In my shopping cart, gone are cookies, peanut butter, rice pudding, pasta, cereal, canned mushrooms, potatoes and pineapple, baked beans, two cans of soup, chocolate, long-life milk, coffee, cookies, sandwich paste and chocolate bars.

I’ve spent the past 3 days living on a food parcel and I’ve documented it to show how I got it.

Living on the food flush, I noticed that I was snacking a lot because I felt hungry all day.

My snacks included eating from the bowl of peanut butter and crackers.

Some of the nutrients in the food parcel

First day

Most people will tell you the importance of meal prep, I should have taken this advice, but I ended up eating two crackers, a box of crackers for lunch, and finished my day with canned potatoes and baked beans.

At the end of the day, I was still hungry, so I ran out of food from the parcel and had a glass of orange juice and a couple of crackers.


Worcester News: Oatmeal and coffee biscuits Oat biscuits and coffee


Worcester News: Crackerscrackers


Worcester News: Potatoes and Beans Potatoes and beans

the second day

On the second day, I made sure to prepare meals and in the morning I had my morning cereal with coffee.

For lunch, I ate pasta with canned mushrooms and pasta sauce, and for dinner, I ate spaghetti with potatoes that I had left the day before.

I had Snickers as a snack today, but finished the day hungry.


Worcester news: Weetabix and coffeeWeetabix and coffee


Worcester News: Mushroom Pastamushroom pasta


Worcester News: SnacksSnacks


Worcester News: Spaghetti and Potatoes Spaghetti and fries

the third day

On the last day, I ate pineapple for breakfast and then had a cup of coffee (I didn’t have both at the same time).

For lunch, I had vegetable soup, and for dinner I had the same pasta I had for lunch the day before.

In terms of snacks, I ate peanut butter and crackers all day long.


Worcester News: Pineapple and coffeepineapple and coffee


Worcester News: Vegetable soup Vegetables Soup


Worcester News: Peanut Butter and CrackersPeanut butter and crackers


Worcester News: Pastamacaroni

The last meal I had was pasta from the food bank and I still have rice pudding, a can of soup, chocolate, long life milk and half a bag of pasta.

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