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Schell Games has grown into one of the most popular development studios that focus on experiences on a smaller scale, like the latter I expect you to die and next VR . BETWEEN US. Missing recipes is another small independent effort, developed and published by Schell Games exclusively on Quest 2. I want to emphasize “small”. Missing recipes It provides a historically accurate kitchen setting to guide you through some of the basic recipes from different regions: China, Greece, and the Maya. While there are no content or challenges, Missing recipes It is a short but sweet culinary experience, especially if you are looking for an interactive and relaxing adventure in virtual reality.

You are asked to cook some traditional recipes of the ghosts of ancient civilizations, starting with the Greeks and work your way to the Mayan civilization. While the stakes are fairly low, the ghosts will savor and record the meal you made by following traditional recipes. Fully voiced, the game features some authentic accents and tales as your ghost buddies guide you through their kitchens. Things start out relatively simple with pita bread, but after a long time, you’ll be putting together more elaborate nutritional elements. If you like to travel through time and enjoy the local foods of the past, Missing recipes It will probably be as close as you will get.

All of this takes place in bespoke kitchens that are in keeping with the times. Greek cuisine has a beautiful view of a volcano from afar, Greek dishes and bowls and stone ovens. The Chinese environment stores its traditional cookware in a more bamboo-dominated look, with lanterns hanging from the ceiling. Each site goes through three distinct recipes, so you’ll create nine dishes total.

There is some moderate replay value as you are ranked by the ghost you are cooking for. It is not easy to get a perfect score, but if you follow the instructions of the floating little ghost character, you will get a good score every time. You can marginally improve your score with more scrutiny when adding spices or mixing liquids in the right proportions, but after that, there’s probably nothing to interest you any longer. Depending on how long it takes, you can try it all Missing recipes It should be served in less than three hours. It was a good time, though.

Missing recipes It will not be for everyone. His focus and step-by-step guide to cooking is probably best suited for newcomers to virtual reality or those looking for a relaxing interactive experience. Cooking can have a meditative quality, and Missing recipes It captures that well. There are no time limits, and we encourage you to focus on accuracy. Things can burn or simmer under your watch, but they never get stressed or overwhelmed, and you always have a clear idea of ​​what to do next.

The fun comes from doing those steps. Everything in your kitchen can be interacted with, and each step in the recipe involves chopping, cooking or grinding something and then putting the final product together. Some of the steps involve cutting the meat into pieces, mixing the marinade, and putting everything on a skewer. Then we need to load the coals into the grill, put the skewer, and rotate it to get evenly cooked souvlaki. Do not forget to bake the pita in the other oven, and you serve everything together so that your living companions can judge your culinary skills.

The game makes it relatively easy to complete each step by automatically filling liquids to certain points as they are poured. As a result, you have relatively fine control over your mixing efforts, but you can still fiddle with things when you’re not paying attention. If you fill the bowls with too much of an ingredient or spill something, your end result will be affected.

Later, we move on to the Chinese setting. This not only changes the kitchen in which we cook and the utensils we use, but it also changes the specter of the companions we cook for and the kind of food we prepare. While the Greek setting features many foods that are familiar to me, the later stages provide more interesting environments and recipes. The educational components of the game cannot be underestimated, but at the end of the day, you must realize that the content is charming but rather thin and limited. A few more environments and recipes, and perhaps a more challenging game mode would have greatly improved the experience, but what’s fun here.

I’ve been marked Missing recipes As an ideal experience for beginners in VR, for several distinct reasons. It features a simple setup, with fully interactive kitchen environments, simple gameplay, and an emphasis on accessibility. Players can choose to teleport to different sections of the kitchen or physically grab themselves and drag them through the environment. Both control methods reduce motion sickness, so even if you don’t have VR legs yet, Missing recipes It should provide a comfortable experience. A better way to use smooth motion for navigation was welcome.

It’s not quite a look, as it runs natively on Quest 2, but its colorful and paint-like theme works well for the experience. The different environments and dishes usually look decent. It ran smoothly and was mostly free of technical hiccups. Sometimes it can be difficult to pick up things, and carrying dishes can cause food to fall on the floor when teleporting through the kitchen. Unlike that, Missing recipes Its promise of a short but sweet and relaxing educational cooking experience in virtual reality has been fulfilled.

Missing recipes It’s not a very long game, but it has an undeniable charm throughout its running time. Obviously geared more towards VR beginners, it offers good looking interactive environments and some interesting recipes to cook, but it doesn’t offer much content or challenge to be captivating after your first gameplay experience.

Score: 6.7 / 10

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